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Gray Studio, just a friendly keyboard store.
Gray Studio, just a friendly keyboard store.

[GB] Think6.5 v3 & Non Flex PCB

Sold out

Hello, and welcome to the  Think6.5 v3 Group Buy!

Please kindly read the following carefully before placing an order!

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[GB information]

  • 5% commission will be deducted for refund (Paypal charges),and no changes will be accepted after the GB ends, so please choose the configuations carefully.
  • Please add this email( the whitelist and we will update the progress regularly.


  • GB starts:  April 20, 20:00 EDT
  • GB Format: GB will be open until  May10, may be ended early if orders reach production capacity.
  • GB Fulfillment: Start fulfilling 6months after GB ends.


Extra Badge&weight frame & weight & decoration bar

Extra PCB&Plate kit


[1x Think6.5 v3 Package Includes all the follows]

* 1x Case (top case, bottom case, badge, weight frame & weight & decoration bar)
* 1x Badge (aluminum) with LED diffuser
* 1x LED diffuser
* 1x Plate(FR4 or PC )
* 2x Set of gaskets (22 fission, 12 integrated)
* Case Feet
* Required Screws
* 1x PCB (1.2mm. Option of Flex-cuts or Non-flex-cuts, Solder or Hot swap)
* 1x Poron vibration reduction plate foam(3.5mm)
* 1x Silicone noise reduction case foam(2mm)
* 1x ixPE PCB foam(0.5mm)
* 1x Electrostatics Insulation Foam(0.5mm)
Tools and Packaging:
* 1x Updated screwdriver (Graystudio brand)
* 1x tweezer (always test the PCB before soldering!)
* Extra Screws, rubber feet, some backup SMD LEDs
* Designer packaging



  • Solder
  •  Hot swap


Colorway Top case Bottom case Weight Frame Weight(PVD) Badge Decoration Bar
Quick Silver Silver Silver Grey Silver Grey Silver
Iceberg Ice blue Violet Ice blue Silver Violet Silver
Robocop Grey Black Grey Black Black Silver
Darth Vader Black Black Black Black Grey Grey
Coffee Light coffee Dark Coffee Light coffee Coffee Dark Coffee Black
Lilac Light lilac Dark Lilac Light lilac Black Dark Lilac Black
Mecha-01 Purple Black Purple Black Black Green
Navy Navy Blue Navy Blue Black Black Black Black
Royal Red Royal Red Royal Red Black Black Black Black
Royal Green Royal Green Royal Green Black Black Black Black
Ocean Gray Blue Black Gray Blue Black Black Grey
Cream* E-Cream Dark Coffee E-Cream Coffee Dark Coffee Light coffee
Pink Star* E-White Pink E-White Silver Pink Silver
Storm* E-White E-White Black Black Black Black

    [QC standard]
    1.Product appearance: no scratches, bumps or defects larger than 1*1mm on the outer surface of the kit (the outer surface is the up and down, left and right, back and forth six outer surfaces after assembly);
    2.Function: the keyboard function is intact, no use problem;
    3.Structure: The keyboard structure is in good condition under the assembly state, without any problems affecting the installation.

    [Defects that may occur but are within acceptable limits]
    1.Defects that do not affect the use: hanging point of the anode hanger, slight CNC cutting lines, internal scratches;
    2.Appearance defects in tool parts, such as a bruised screwdriver.


    Q1:Are PCB Solder and Hot swap optional in kit?
    A1:Yes, you can choose one kinds of PCB according to your needs.

    Q2:Whether ESD protection is available?
    A2:Yes, there are ESD protection on both the daughter board and the mother board

    Q3:I bought two orders, one keyboard and one extras. Can they be delivered together?
    A3:Yes, if it is the same account (email) under the GB order, we will combine the delivery.

    Q4:I bought the kit in two separate orders. How about the shipping fee?
    A4:You can send an email to and we will refund your shipping fee.

    Q5:Why is there a 5% charge for a refund?
    A5:Sorry, this is the rule of paypal, no matter whether the transaction is completed or not, 5% commission will be charged, so please be careful when choosing.

    If you have any further questions, please email us at