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Gray Studio, just a friendly keyboard store.
Gray Studio, just a friendly keyboard store.


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Space65(ships within a week)

This is the final batch of Space65, in limited quantity, ready to ship (free DHL express shipping included in price).

They are in the following color themes.

EGG-SE-1 (White-E top/yellow-E bottom case/Black plate&badge)

EGG-SE-2(White-E top/yellow-E bottom case/Dark blue plate&badge)

EVA-2(Red case/Red plate & White badge)

Mark-1(Gray case/Gray plate & Black badge)

Quicksilver(Silver case/Silver plate & Black badge)

Lilac(Lavender case/Silver plate & White badge)

Bruce Lee(Yellow case/Black plate&badge)


1. Top&Bottom  Enclosure (Electrophoresis or Anodized Aluminium)

2. Plate (1.5 mm Anodized Aluminium plate, compatible for regular ANSI, WKL, split backspace, ISO, or split space)

3. Aluminium namebadge

4. PCB

5. Led diffuse

6.Silicone foot pad

7. 12.9 YFS screws

PCB Options:

1. Use the highest specification process.

2. QMK firmware(

3.Top and side RGB light

4. Custom glass fibreboard

5.Type-C interface

Extra parts


More pictures: