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Gray Studio, just a friendly keyboard store.
Gray Studio, just a friendly keyboard store.

[GB FCFS] Think6.5 V2 - High-Gloss Chamfer Limited Edition (8:30pm EDT Sunday)

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Hello, and welcome to the Think6.5 V2 High-gloss Chamfer Limited Edition Group Buy! Please kindly read the following carefully before placing an order!

(Blue areas light up)


[What is High-Gloss Chamfer and Why Limited?]

The high-gloss chamfer limited edition is based on the all-black version, with the chambers post-processed to be high-gloss. The chamfer part will be polished aluminum, which is silver-ish.

Specifically, to make it happen, the board is reinstalled to the CNC machine to use a diamond blade running at 60k RPM to precisely machine a high-gloss chamfer before some post-processing. Given the process only produces 65% perfect boards per our test, we limit the number of orders to ensure the quality of each board to make sure every board delivered to you is machined perfectly. 


  • GB starts: Sunday, July 19, 20:30 EDT
  • GB Format: FCFS, limited to 88 sets for the 1U version and 88 sets for the 2U version. Limit to one per person.

[Price (PayPal fees included)]

  • Anodized Aluminum:  $449
  • The shipping fee for the board is $70, which will be charged separately after GB ends, in case you want to add other products.
  • If you purchase another SE board, the orders will be combined automatically and shipping for LE will be waived. 

[1x Think6.5 v2 Package Includes all the follows]

  • 1x case, top & bottom
  • 1x badge (aluminum, lightbulb), with magnets installed.
  • 1x Dual-color FR4 plate
  • 1x 16 gaskets
  • 1x PCB (Type-C, out of box VIA support, QMK compatible, ESD protection)
  • 1x weight
  • 1x vibration reduction pad
  • 1x noise reduction pad
  • 1x LED diffuser(s)
  • 1x screwdriver (Graystudio brand) 
  • 1x tweezer (always test the PCB before soldering!)
  • Screws, rubber feet, some backup SMD LEDs
  • Designer packaging

[LINKS to Extras] (there is no need to purchase these unless you want extras)

LINK to Think6.5 Regular GB
LINK to Extra Badge
LINK to Extra Weight
LINK to Extra PCB & Fr4 Plate
LINK to Extra Rubber feet, Vibration reduction pad & noise reduction pad 

[Layouts Supported]

Shipping Time and GB Agreements (PLEASE READ):
These boards are set to be shipped out to buyers before the Chinese New Year (CNY) of 2021. 

Please note that this is a Group Buy. There can be delays and set backs. The timeline is only an estimate. By adding this item to your cart and purchasing you agree that you understand everything above. You will be charged immediately for this item. There are no refunds or cancellations on these orders.