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Gray Studio, just a friendly keyboard store.
Gray Studio, just a friendly keyboard store.

[B Stock] SPACE65:CyberVoyager

Sold out
Color: Cream case/Black weight/Gold badge/Gold LED badge

[B Stock]SPACE65:CyberVoyager

This is the B stock of Space65:cybervoyager, there may be slight defects in the appearance (minor scratches and dings, etc.) but they do not affect the usage,
Ready to ship (the price includes shipping fee and paypal fee).

    [Key Features]
    1. Premium-quality and affordable 65% keyboard
    2. PCB: Type-C(Support C-C), QMK, ESD-protected, etc. The PCB is compatible with R1 Space65.
    3. Mounting Method: Top mount; with two noise and vibration reduction pads 
    4. No switch leakage views.
    5. Carbon fiber plate or Aluminum plate (compatible with R1)
    6. Manufacturer: gray studio and factory
    7. Keyboard Design: airpotter & oldcat
    8. PCB Design: DEMO Studio


    [SPACE65:CyberVoyager Package Includes]

    Each unit will include the following:
    1x case, top and bottom
    1x LED badge
    1x weight
    1x badge
    1x L-shaped badge
    1x PCB
    1X LED diffuser
    1x vibration reduction pad
    1x noise reduction pad
    1x screwdriver (graystudio brand)
    1x tweezer (do test the PCB before soldering!)
    1x instructional manual
    Screws, rubber feet, some backup SMD LEDs, box designed by airpotter.

    Links of interest
    Follow graystudio on Instagram
    Follow oldcat on Instagram
    Let's chat on Discord Channel

    Live Stream Build by Alexotos
    Alex was kind enough to live stream to build a prototype of the CyberVoyager.
    Here is the LINK to the build stream.
    Here is the LINK to the typing test.
    And here are some pictures of the finished build (with GMK 8008) taken by Alexotos