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Gray Studio, just a friendly keyboard store.
Gray Studio, just a friendly keyboard store.

[In stock] Think6.5 V2 (final batch, limited qty)

Sold out
Original price $449.00
Current price $429.00
Color: Grey top/White bottom/Grey wight/White nautical badge

Think6.5 V2(ships within a week)

This is the final batch of Think6.5 v2, in limited quantity, ready to ship (the price includes shipping fee and paypal fee).

    [Price (PayPal fees included)]

    • $429
    • The shipping fee for the first board is $50

    LINK to Extra Badge

    LINK to Extra weight

    [1x Think6.5 v2 Package Includes all the follows]

    • 1x case, top & bottom
    • 1x badge (aluminum, lightbulb), with magnets installed.
    • 1x Dual-color FR4 plate
    • 1x 16 gaskets
    • 1x PCB (Type-C, out of box VIA support, QMK compatible, ESD protection)
    • 1x weight
    • 1x vibration reduction pad
    • 1x noise reduction pad
    • 1x LED diffuser(s)
    • 1x screwdriver (Graystudio brand) 
    • 1x tweezer (always test the PCB before soldering!)
    • Screws, rubber feet, some backup SMD LEDs
    • Designer packaging

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